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Here is the text of our file. It has the numbers PlanEt has engaged along with articles written by Wolf Naegeli. For the Knoxville home owners the stats on the “Meeting in a Box” are very relevant as Mark Donaldson (MPC Chair) referenced those stats as what people want for the area. This was his reasoning for changing the ordinances. In Wolf’s articles he says 9 Counties 1 vision is in support of Agenda 21. This being written in 2001 and we were told at PlanEt events that no one knows what PlanEt is. 9 Counties 1 Vision is said to be the predecessor to PlanEt. handouttext The percentages were corrected in this file. There was an error in the original hard copy.

This is the opt out requirements for PlanEt along with an opt out letter from the mayor of Union County. All PlanEt procedures should be null and void after May 2012. OptOut

Here is an email of Madeline Rogero receiving talking points on Agenda 21 that were used for Bill Haslam’s campaign. Then there is an exert of Madeline saying she didn’t know anything about Agenda 21. Also in this file are the mandatory outcomes needed to be compliant with the HUD grant that was received to implement PlanEt. Agenda21Knoxville

Here are a few tenets of Agenda 21 with page numbers form the Agenda 21 book. Along with that is Urban Environmental Accords which shows the standards for a ‘Green City’. In there it touts the Rio Summit in 1992 as guidance. Agenda 21 started at the Rio Summit. Agenda21GreenCity

Note: Mayor Madeline Rogero was the Community Development Director for Mayor Bill Haslam.

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Agenda 21 is being implemented in your backyard. There is no dispute that we have been lied to for quite sometime. Agenda 21 goes back no later than 2001 for E. Tenn. If it is so great what is the purpose in lying? Now, what are you going to do with the information?

There is more to come on this issue.

The Tennessee Liberty Alliance will host an open forum on January 11, 2014 for Knoxville regional residents to learn more about the current ideas and implementations for the Knoxville region that are guided by Plan East Tennessee (PlanET) and the Knoxville/Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC).

We all desire a thriving and healthy community as we move into the future, and it should be no surprise that there are many different ideas being put forth as to how to get there. Come with a friend and discover the latest ideas and plans of the MPC and PlanET, and how they will affect you and your family for generations to come.

Join moderator David “Shyne” Thompson, MPC’s TPO director, Jeff Welch, and other area leaders to discover the pertinent facts regarding this critical topic of “sustainability”. Local topics, including Westland Cove, will be open for discussion.



REGISTER HERE or copy and paste the link below to reserve your spot.


Tomorrow afternoon, 6/15/2013, at the Lavender Festival in Oak Ridge, the outreach chairman for Plan East Tennessee (PlanET) will be presenting a program for attendees of the festival.  PlanET is a “regional partnership” of community and county leaders charged with allegedly “asking input” from the community as to how to deal with future growth and development in a way that “reflects our vision and values.”

Sounds fantastic!  But what is PlanET, really?  Similar organizations are springing up all over the country and are in different phases of development.  Do they seek information from the community or carefully guide the community toward a preplanned agenda?

The TLA strongly encourages each and every person to carefully “do their own due diligence”  by educating themselves on this important trend of sustainable development, or “smart growth”.

Several documents are available on the web from organizations such as Freedom Advocates and American Policy.  Two simple, yet comprehensive, documents that are frequently referenced can be viewed/downloaded directly for easy reference:  Georgia Agenda 21 and Understanding Sustainable Development.

Ask questions.  Lead and don’t be led.

The Sevier County Tea Party will be hosting Mr. Glenn Jacobs at their June meeting to be held at the Sevierville Civic Center.

Mr. Jacobs, who is well known as professional wrestler, Kane, is a growing voice in conservative economic thought and policy.  He will be sharing his views of a strong centralized government that was espoused by Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson’s idea of a decentralized local government.   “Of course, I come down on Jefferson’s side.”, says Jacobs, “Jefferson believed that political power should be in the hands of the People, and that state and local governments were more easily controlled than a strong national government espoused by Hamilton.  Unfortunately, Hamilton’s vision eventually triumphed.”

Jacobs has obtained recent national attention with his assault on the the internet sales tax mandate, known by its misleading title as the “Marketplace Fairness Act.”  He has thrown down a challenge to Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey to a debate about this important issue.  There have been rumors that Mr. Jacobs is considering the possibility of exploring the idea of contesting Lamar Alexander’s US Senate seat in 2014.  He is a founding member of the Tennessee Liberty Alliance.

This meeting will take place on June 20th at 6:30pm.  The Seiverville Civic Center is located at 200 Gary Wade Blvd in Seiverville, Tennessee.  For directions, CLICK HERE.  Spread the word.  This is sure to be an interesting and revealing meeting!

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey claims that the Internet sales tax mandate is not a new tax. Nor, according to Ramsey, is it an unfair tax.

Ramsey is wrong on both counts.

Currently, thanks to the 1992 Supreme Court decision Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, states are prohibited from forcing out-of-state retailers to collect sales tax on their behalf. For this reason, sales taxes are not applied when you make a purchase from an out-of-state online retailer that has no physical presence in the state to which the order is shipped. The Internet sales tax mandate, known by its misleading title as the Marketplace Fairness Act, would change that. For the first time, many of your online purchases will be subject to state sales tax.

States with sales tax also have a complementary tax called a “use tax.” You are supposed to pay a use tax on a product if you buy the good without paying sales tax on it. So, for instance, if you buy a product in New Hampshire, which has no sales tax, and then bring that product back to Tennessee to use or consume, you are supposed to pay a use tax — equivalent to the sales tax rate — to the state of Tennessee.

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When soldiers came home from the war, they found their McMinn County Government had become corrupt and abusive. This corrupt government was capable of Gestapo type actions that included stealing ballot boxes, shooting and beating voters who resisted their will, bribery, and misuse of the public trust and power. They were not the same farm boys who had gone off to war. These GI s formed a political organization to overthrow the corrupt regime on election day. When they were met with violence and intimidation they fought back with fists, pistols, rifles and even dynamite.

Here is a link to the show. It will probably go off of the link Sun. Feb 3rd


On January 9, Bill and Norma Jarnigan were shocked to open a letter from the Jefferson County Economic Development Oversight Committee (EDOC) that laid out the county government’s blatant attempt to cajole the couple into selling their home of four decades. The county hopes to acquire their land and hand it over to a developer to build an industrial manufacturing megasite the county hopes will bring more jobs and tax revenue than the Jarnigan’s home. Opening such a letter certainly did not brighten the day of 68-year-old Mrs. Jarnigan, who stated, “I’d hate to think I’d have to move, me as old as I am.”

Meanwhile, at a press conference held that very afternoon, Jefferson County officials were unveiling plans for the East Tennessee Regional Megasite to be located on an 1800-acre tract of land where the Jarnigan’s and their neighbors’ homes currently stand. The press conference was all smiles, with claims being made that the Megasite could “provide 2,000 direct jobs and 6,000 to 8,000 indirect jobs in the initial phase,” and further that “It would have a very wide and broad impact” for the Jefferson County economy (all such claims assuming that the site could first be purchased, then certified, and finally bought by a corporation, none of which are even remotely certain at this point).

Jefferson County is no stranger to wanting land that isn’t theirs. In 1942, the construction of the Douglas Dam by the Tennessee Valley Authority, a federal New Deal corporation formed to provide “economic redevelopment” to the Tennessee Valley region, permanently flooded a majority of the county’s most fertile farmland. If it had not been for county residents personally petitioning then-first Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, the current Jefferson County seat of Dandridge would not exist—at least above water.

Seventy years later, the “megasite” announcement is the latest government instance of threatening Jefferson County farmland and the rights of property owners. But not to worry, says Garrett Wagley, director of economic development for the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce. The county is “really committed to an open process, and having a conversation about the plans…[for] this exciting opportunity.” Thank heavens these landowners received letters encouraging them to pony up…er, rather, sell their land mere hours before the EDOC’s press conference.

Just a few days after the unveiling of the “megasite” plans, property owners in the megasite’s potential footprint voiced their outrage at the prospect of the government seizing their land. Oliver and Jean Wood, proud owners of a 590-acre farm who received the same letter as the Jarnigan’s last week, boldly asserted that they would not surrender their farm for any price. Mr. Wood pointed out that city officials “have not taken into account the economic costs and the human costs of taking away century-old farms and disrupting lives.”

Wagley stated that “he hoped the issue of eminent domain would not come up,” but hope is a cheap thing relative to a megasite project with a million dollar price tag being sold to so many private landowners as an “exciting opportunity.” Encouragingly for property rights activists everywhere, however, citizens like the Woods and the Jarnigans are not taking the government’s phony bait.

Tennessee has a sordid history of abusing eminent domain in the name of “economic development.” The state’s eminent domain laws received a big fat grade of D- from the Institute for Justice for failing to ensure that property rights are adequately protected.

–Robert Fountain
This Article if from the Institute for Justice
See more here: http://www.ij.org/one-hundred-tennessee-property-owners-under-threat-for-nebulous-megasite-development

Former IRS Agent Sherry Peel Jackson, who spent nearly four years in prison for failing to file her income tax returns, chose her words carefully Monday night.

A self-styled “political prisoner,” the Georgia author and financial consultant still maintains her innocence and she still questions the government’s authority to levy a federal income tax.

She claimed that after speaking out publicly with other tax defiers, the judge was against her from the get-go, the jurors too fearful to deliver anything other than the guilty verdicts that sent her to a federal prison camp for women in Florida.

“When you’re too visible to kill, that’s what they do to shut you up,” said Jackson, 50, during her presentation to the Knoxville Patriots’ meeting at the Mandarin House restaurant in North Knoxville.