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Knox County Commission is going to discuss rules for the Knox County Ethics Committee at their meeting on Monday Night.

The proposal includes keeping the Committee from hearing any complaints that have any outstanding legal action. This is in response to a complaint that we filed with the Ethics Committee last September. The County has successfully stalled on that complaint for months, refusing to speak to the Committee’s investigator, etc., for months to avoid a ruling. At the last meeting the Committee committed to ruling on this issue on June 8th regardless of their objections.

The Committee is put in place by State Statute specifically to have a citizen organization to help hold the County in check with regards to ethics complaints. The idea that County Commission would try to limit or eliminate their ability to act anytime the County has pending legal action against them is insane and negates the reason for the Committee to begin with. Additionally, the proposal is so desperate and poorly written that, as discussed at the workshop this week, anyone could end an Ethics Committee investigation by simply filing any criminal or civil action.

For example, if you filed a complaint against an officer and that officer then pulls you over and writes you a ticket, that would halt the Ethics Committee complaint until your court date for the ticket. In our case our citations have now been over a year and we still have not had a preliminary hearing.

There are a number of legal issues with this as well. Anyone who wants details and clarification of these, especially those from the media, should contact Van Irion at 865-766-4040. He is handling our complaint with the Ethics Committee and is working on the legal side of the issue. Anyone who wants to come and express their concern at the County Commission Meeting on Monday night would be appreciated.  Copies of the proposed amendments may be found HERE and HERE

Excerpt from the Knoxville News Sentinel:

On Wednesday and Thursday, you might have a health official knocking at your door.

Staffers from the Knox County Health Department and the East Tennessee Regional Health Office, in teams of two, will interview some residents Knox, Blount and Sevier counties 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Wednesday and 9 a.m.-noon Thursday.

See full article here.

The  Tenth Amendment Center reports that the Tennessee senate has passed legislation on Friday to halt any attempts at enforcement of any international law that may regulate the the use, ownership or possession of firearms and ammunition if it is in violation of Tennessee statute, common law or the state constitution.  This aligns with HB2389 which passed the house last month.

The article, which can be seen here, quotes Rep. John Windle, speaking on the house floor in March that “This bill prohibits any interference of [the right to keep and bear arms] by international treaty.”

This is good news for Tennessee gun owners.


The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that a bill is rapidly progressing through the Tennessee legislature to protect police body cams from public review for up to a year.  According to the Sentinel, HB876, witch has approval from the House State Government Subcommittee, would “declare a general one-year ‘moratorium’ on public disclosure of any police body camera footage, starting on July 1.”

Tennessee’s Sunshine laws that regulate government meetings, requiring them to be in a public forum to avoid the appearance of collusion, are some of the most restrictive in the country.   However, apparently any police activity that has already occurred, either positive or negative, should remain in the dark.

The Tennessee Coalition on Open Government and the Tennessee ACLU have already spoken out against the bill as currently approved.

HB876 should suffer a quick death.  The sooner the better.

Visit the TLA on Facebook for discussion.

(A letter to Madam Speaker Harwell personally, with copies to our area lawmakers)
January 22, 2015

Hon. Madam Speaker, esteemed Majority Leader McCormick, and Knox and Anderson County area lawmakers,

In 2009, Americans took to the streets protesting Obamacare before it even passed, launching a tidal wave of popular opposition of a depth and a ferocity not seen for decades. Please do not underestimate it.

Rather than waning, the outrage has only grown. Now that we’ve seen the lies that sold Obamacare exposed, the people are furious. Those facing tax penalties, increased premiums and canceled policies are incensed. Americans resent this monstrous intrusion, dishonestly passed on false promises, and the sentiment is even stronger in Tennessee. We do not want Obamacare imposed on us, not any part of it, and politicians have felt our wrath every election since. Health care policy belongs at home.

My group has seen and considered the Governor’s ‘Insure Tennessee’ waiver application. We’ve also reviewed several studies in favor which tabulate all the ‘benefits’ as if the money fell from the sky, yet which account for none of the costs.

We oppose the expansion and will be communicating—and energetically collaborating—with groups across the state, for the reasons below.

Despite the Governor’s sincere efforts to make a silk purse of it, there’s no escaping the facts: any TennCare expansion (‘ObamaCaid’) is still socialized medicine imposed on our state, still the camel’s nose under the tent. It’s still a federal poverty program for people who are not poor[1]; still strips the state of its policy prerogatives; and still makes a large portion of our population—and our politics—permanent 90% wards of the federal government. Adding insult to injury, the feds don’t even have the money they’ve promised—they’re borrowing just to keep their lights on, and borrowing it from us.
[1] By definition, 138% of Federal Poverty Level (the eligibility limit) is not ‘poor.’

It’s indisputable that an expansion relinquishes our legislature’s control over our health policy concerning those citizens. It does likewise for those to be added later. But besides surrendering this sovereignty to Washington’s bureaucrats, it’s also a trap. Should the Governor negotiate a legally enforceable escape clause—a dubious prospect—it would be politically impossible to exercise it. The Obama Administration’s Jonathan Grubers are gleefully counting on that.

Next, the fact that our taxes are supporting other states’ expansions—the blackmail argument—is not a sound reason to adopt a health policy, much less twist ourselves into knots to accommodate the ACA. Setting states against each other vying for each other’s health care money is simply another of the unAffordable Care Act’s cynical ploys, another reason to press for its repeal.

Notably, in all this debate I’ve not heard even one person suggest that obliging the state of Tennessee to provide health insurance to able-bodied middle-income workers is a good idea, yet that is exactly what’s being proposed.

Nor have I heard even one person suggest, if Tennesseans ever (unaccountably) concluded the state of Tennessee should provide health insurance to able-bodied middle-income workers, that we should finance such a program by having Washington tax us, set the rules, then give us part back. That would be the most wasteful, inflexible, inhumane, and cumbersome approach possible.

Whether to subject these Tennesseans and Tennesseans as a whole to national socialized medicine by parts is perhaps one of the most momentous decisions this General Assembly will ever face, and the General Assembly is facing it now.

We object most strenuously on every front—we do not wish these rights ceded to the federal government. This is not a proper role for the federal government, not their domain, not a constitutional function of the federal government, and it’s also not an intelligent means to enact, fund, or administer a health policy. ObamaCaid is coerced, dishonestly indirectly funded with taxes, tricks and gimmicks, on Washington’s terms.

If we want programs let them be enacted here, honestly paid, on our terms. That’s better, and it’s also the right way.

(For the Speaker’s convenience I’ve appended some of the educational materials we’re distributing to our members, below. This material includes links to various authoritative articles and references.)

With greatest respect,
James Arthur

Vice Chair
The Knoxville Tea Party
“Smaller government
that lives within its means
and adheres to the Constitution”

Date: Saturday, January 17, 2015
Times: 8:30 AM ‐ 4 PM

Location: Bradbury Community Center 3343 Buttermilk Rd., Kingston, TN 37763

Cost: $45.00 Contact: Emily Bowers, Email – contact@shatteringamericastrance.com or call ‐ 518 376‐9494

This 6 ½‐hour workshop shows you how to:

Explain ‘hot’ topics in terms that convince, not divide


Dismantle the ‘conservative’ stereotype Expand your group’s influence


Speak about property rights, healthcare and education in terms that turn left and right into allies


Create arguments that compel people to unite and act


Convince public officials to listen, understand and act


Make liars and bullies look nonsensical


“Shattering America’s Trance” is about spreading the news the media ignores.



Here is the text of our file. It has the numbers PlanEt has engaged along with articles written by Wolf Naegeli. For the Knoxville home owners the stats on the “Meeting in a Box” are very relevant as Mark Donaldson (MPC Chair) referenced those stats as what people want for the area. This was his reasoning for changing the ordinances. In Wolf’s articles he says 9 Counties 1 vision is in support of Agenda 21. This being written in 2001 and we were told at PlanEt events that no one knows what Agenda 21 is. 9 Counties 1 Vision is said to be the predecessor to PlanEt. handouttext The percentages were corrected in this file. There was an error in the original hard copy.

This is the opt out requirements for PlanEt along with an opt out letter from the mayor of Union County. All PlanEt procedures should be null and void after May 2012. OptOut

Here is an email of Madeline Rogero receiving talking points on Agenda 21 that were used for Bill Haslam’s campaign. Then there is an exert of Madeline saying she didn’t know anything about Agenda 21. Also in this file are the mandatory outcomes needed to be compliant with the HUD grant that was received to implement PlanEt. Agenda21Knoxville

Here are a few tenets of Agenda 21 with page numbers form the Agenda 21 book. Along with that is Urban Environmental Accords which shows the standards for a ‘Green City’. In there it touts the Rio Summit in 1992 as guidance. Agenda 21 started at the Rio Summit. Agenda21GreenCity

Note: Mayor Madeline Rogero was the Community Development Director for Mayor Bill Haslam.

Click the orange links for each file.

Agenda 21 is being implemented in your backyard. There is no dispute that we have been lied to for quite sometime. Agenda 21 goes back no later than 2001 for E. Tenn. If it is so great what is the purpose in lying? Now, what are you going to do with the information?

There is more to come on this issue.

The Tennessee Liberty Alliance will host an open forum on January 11, 2014 for Knoxville regional residents to learn more about the current ideas and implementations for the Knoxville region that are guided by Plan East Tennessee (PlanET) and the Knoxville/Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC).

We all desire a thriving and healthy community as we move into the future, and it should be no surprise that there are many different ideas being put forth as to how to get there. Come with a friend and discover the latest ideas and plans of the MPC and PlanET, and how they will affect you and your family for generations to come.

Join moderator David “Shyne” Thompson, MPC’s TPO director, Jeff Welch, and other area leaders to discover the pertinent facts regarding this critical topic of “sustainability”. Local topics, including Westland Cove, will be open for discussion.



REGISTER HERE or copy and paste the link below to reserve your spot.


"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
...Thomas Jefferson