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Tomorrow afternoon, 6/15/2013, at the Lavender Festival in Oak Ridge, the outreach chairman for Plan East Tennessee (PlanET) will be presenting a program for attendees of the festival.  PlanET is a “regional partnership” of community and county leaders charged with allegedly “asking input” from the community as to how to deal with future growth and development in a way that “reflects our vision and values.”

Sounds fantastic!  But what is PlanET, really?  Similar organizations are springing up all over the country and are in different phases of development.  Do they seek information from the community or carefully guide the community toward a preplanned agenda?

The TLA strongly encourages each and every person to carefully “do their own due diligence”  by educating themselves on this important trend of sustainable development, or “smart growth”.

Several documents are available on the web from organizations such as Freedom Advocates and American Policy.  Two simple, yet comprehensive, documents that are frequently referenced can be viewed/downloaded directly for easy reference:  Georgia Agenda 21 and Understanding Sustainable Development.

Ask questions.  Lead and don’t be led.

The Sevier County Tea Party will be hosting Mr. Glenn Jacobs at their June meeting to be held at the Sevierville Civic Center.

Mr. Jacobs, who is well known as professional wrestler, Kane, is a growing voice in conservative economic thought and policy.  He will be sharing his views of a strong centralized government that was espoused by Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson’s idea of a decentralized local government.   “Of course, I come down on Jefferson’s side.”, says Jacobs, “Jefferson believed that political power should be in the hands of the People, and that state and local governments were more easily controlled than a strong national government espoused by Hamilton.  Unfortunately, Hamilton’s vision eventually triumphed.”

Jacobs has obtained recent national attention with his assault on the the internet sales tax mandate, known by its misleading title as the “Marketplace Fairness Act.”  He has thrown down a challenge to Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey to a debate about this important issue.  There have been rumors that Mr. Jacobs is considering the possibility of exploring the idea of contesting Lamar Alexander’s US Senate seat in 2014.  He is a founding member of the Tennessee Liberty Alliance.

This meeting will take place on June 20th at 6:30pm.  The Seiverville Civic Center is located at 200 Gary Wade Blvd in Seiverville, Tennessee.  For directions, CLICK HERE.  Spread the word.  This is sure to be an interesting and revealing meeting!

Former IRS Agent Sherry Peel Jackson, who spent nearly four years in prison for failing to file her income tax returns, chose her words carefully Monday night.

A self-styled “political prisoner,” the Georgia author and financial consultant still maintains her innocence and she still questions the government’s authority to levy a federal income tax.

She claimed that after speaking out publicly with other tax defiers, the judge was against her from the get-go, the jurors too fearful to deliver anything other than the guilty verdicts that sent her to a federal prison camp for women in Florida.

“When you’re too visible to kill, that’s what they do to shut you up,” said Jackson, 50, during her presentation to the Knoxville Patriots’ meeting at the Mandarin House restaurant in North Knoxville.


A reader from New Jersey, who is familiar with the intersection in question, forwarded the link below. The article details the upsetting results after installing red-light cameras at the busy intersection of Route 1 with Bakers Basin Road/Franklin Corner Road.  See article from New Jersey HERE.

It documents that the number of accidents over equal 7-month periods increased from 25 before camera installation to 49 after red-light cameras were installed. A simple statistical analysis shows that the difference is significant at the 99.6% confidence level. That leads one to conclude that there was a systematic change at that intersection causing the 96% increase in the accident rate. The most obvious systematic change that could account for the significant increase in the accident rate is the installation of red-light cameras.

If you read the article in the link above, you will note that the increase in the accident rate was mainly due to a higher frequency of rear-end collisions. That is consistent with virtually all the comprehensive and competent studies that have been reported on the impact of red-light cameras, as referenced in other articles on the TLA web site ( SEE HERE ). Those studies document that red-light cameras yield an insignificant reduction in right-angle collisions, but cause a significant increase in rear-end collisions.

Another point noticed in the New Jersey experience is that the majority of revenue from the camera automated traffic tickets comes from right turns on red, i.e., not coming to a complete stop before the stop line. In 2011, the State of Tennessee passed a law making it unlawful for red-light cameras to issue traffic tickets for right turns on red lights. Across Tennessee, red-light camera revenues dropped precipitously, because the vast majority of camera ticket revenue came from right turns on red. Ironically, right turns on red were not causing accidents in proportion to the ticket volume. In other words, drivers were not unsafely making right turns on red, even though they may not have come to a complete stop over the camera sensors.

There is copious, sound evidence that red light cameras do not improve safety at intersections. Yet, red-light camera companies and municipalities continue to pursue them, as if that evidence did not exist. Why? Because the cameras generate revenue. This is a money-making scheme perpetrated on drivers by local governments and red-light camera companies in the fallacious name of safety.

Dale Gedcke B.Eng., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Marketing & Technical Consultant

Over the past thirty years the community of Bethel, Tenn. has been in the middle of an annexation debate in some form or fashion. Bethel sits between Norris and Clinton, Tenn. Both cities have looked to annex ‘Bethel Unincorporated’ during those thirty years. Recently the city of Norris voted to annex two pieces of property within the Bethel community. During the annexation hearing many spoke out against the city of Norris and their attempt. They see that Norris may look to their property in the future and see it as income. Regardless of the vast opposition the City decided to annex anyway. Most people that reside in Bethel say that they just want to be left alone and do not want annexation from either Norris or Clinton.

The Tennessee Liberty Alliance sees this as an issue that would affect others in the state as well. There may be more to this than just a neighbor and business owner losing some property rights. Also, in attendance, during the annexation meeting was Mike Carberry. Mike is the Comprehensive Planning Manager for the Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission. Mike might possibly live in the Norris area. However there were two other gentlemen there who participated in the PlanET forums, acted as regular attendees and were actually government employees within planning and zoning departments. The MPC holds the contract for PlanET (Covers Anderson, Knox, Union, Loudon, & Blount cos.). A regional plan for establishing so called ‘sustainable’ communities.

The Norris 25 year comprehensive plan will be available for review. We look to produce solutions so that your property rights will be upheld for generations to come.

All of this will be fleshed out and covered in a town hall meeting. Location and time is listed below.

Oct. 25, 2012 6:30pm-8:30pm
Norris City Building 20
Chestnut Drive
Norris, Tennessee 37828


The TLA Board will meet at Panera Bread in Turkey Creek on Thursday, September 20 at 7:00 P.M. The address is: 11361 Parkside Drive, Knoxville, TN 37934. For more information contact Richard Esparza at richard@tnliberty.org.

On August 25th, The Tennessee Liberty Alliance will provide an open public forum regarding PlanET and Smart Growth development in Tennessee.

Guest speakers from the Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission, Jeff Welch and Mark Donaldson, along with regional experts on the topic of Smart Growth and Sustainability, will provide important information and answer questions from the audience regarding this very important issue facing all property owners nationally.

This forum will be held Saturday, August 25th, at the Bearden Banquet Hall, 5806 Kingston Pike in Knoxville, from 10am-3pm. Lunch will be provided for a donation of $15 to help cover the forum expenses. You will need a ticket for lunch and pre-registration is required to eat. REGISTER HERE. You may download a flyer for this event HERE.

There is currently an effort underway in the General Assembly to eliminate sales tax on gold and silver bullion. This is a crucial step in recognizing precious metals as real money and providing an alternative currency in the event of a dollar crisis, a scenario many of us think is inevitable.

Charles Sargent is chairman of the House Finance Committee, the most powerful committee in the House, and is reportedly sympathetic to these efforts. Please send him an e-mail urging him to support eliminating the sales tax on gold and silver bullion. His e-mail address is: rep.charles.sargent@capitol.tn.gov