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Tomorrow afternoon, 6/15/2013, at the Lavender Festival in Oak Ridge, the outreach chairman for Plan East Tennessee (PlanET) will be presenting a program for attendees of the festival.  PlanET is a “regional partnership” of community and county leaders charged with allegedly “asking input” from the community as to how to deal with future growth and development in a way that “reflects our vision and values.”

Sounds fantastic!  But what is PlanET, really?  Similar organizations are springing up all over the country and are in different phases of development.  Do they seek information from the community or carefully guide the community toward a preplanned agenda?

The TLA strongly encourages each and every person to carefully “do their own due diligence”  by educating themselves on this important trend of sustainable development, or “smart growth”.

Several documents are available on the web from organizations such as Freedom Advocates and American Policy.  Two simple, yet comprehensive, documents that are frequently referenced can be viewed/downloaded directly for easy reference:  Georgia Agenda 21 and Understanding Sustainable Development.

Ask questions.  Lead and don’t be led.

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"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government."
...Thomas Jefferson